Briarwood VI knows we don't like too many rules, so here are just a few to keep us all on the same page.

Rules & Regulations

By choice, buyers want to be living in a neighborhood that is governed by Rules & Regulations provided by a HomeOwners Association. It assures them of a sense of belonging and associating with persons of similar expectations of how to live in proximity with and how to treat and interact with your neighbors.  No purple houses here, nor yards filled with dissembled autos, or barking dogs who wait to relieve themselves on your front lawn. Yet, the degree of privacy you want or expect is honored by your neighbors and provides a feeling of safety & security as well as care and concern for your well being. 

Briarwood VI Rules are presently incorporated within what is known as the CC&R’s, the legal document provided at the time of your purchase consideration however we will be codifying them separately during the coming year. All of the Rules are within the CC&R’s and By-Laws of the HOA at this time, and you may reference them within this web site under that Title.

Electrical and Water - You are required to maintain electrical and water service so the Association can maintain the front yard irrigation systems.

Trash and Recycle - Trash and recycle containers should not be placed at the curb until after 6pm the night before pickup and removed as soon after pickup as possible.

Street Parking - Street parking with vehicle tires on curbs (cracks on the concrete) or blocking driveway or sidewalks is not allowed by the City of Scottsdale and may be enforced by ticketing the vehicle.

Visitor Parking - Visitors vehicles should not be parked on the street for periods exceeding 48 hours.

Legal Reference