It all started when…

.President's Message, George Tyson

Thank Yous . . .

At the Annual meeting we did not get a chance to properly thank Mike Herion and Candie

Luciano for their service to our community, thank you both.

Also, Dick Rice resigned from the Board after the April meeting and we would like to say thank

you to him for his participation on the Board last year.

We have asked our residents to get involved in Briarwood committees and the response has

been great. We have 29 homeowners serving on the various committees. We had 63% of our

home owners vote on the assessment which is also outstanding. Thank you all for supporting

your community.

Briarwood VI Board . . .

Barry Shapiro, Landscape Chairman, was elected to the Board at a special meeting on April 12.

His committee has already held three meetings and toured the property with Mitch Holloway,

Horizon Landscape Corp. They are off to a good start.

David Herzer, Treasurer, has done a great job keeping us financially sound.

Karen Melhman, Secretary and Vice President, and, keeping us organized.

Sara Machir, Chairperson for the Architectural/Paint Committee. Last year she chaired the

Painting Project and should be congratulated for her outstanding job. This was an enormous

task and she shepherded our community through the process.

Leslie Seligmann, Chairing the Communications/Outreach Committee. They have been busy

passing out information on the painting project and visiting our neighbors. Leslie is taking over

the management of our Web Site and pulling together a new expanded directory to be

published this fall.

Foster Mattson, Acting as our Parliamentarian and reviewing By-laws and our CC&R’s.

Please call me if you see anything that needs fixing. Have a great summer! George