Our Committees


Briarwood Communications Committee


Hello to all Briarwood VI Residents.  By way of introduction, I am Leslie S and I am the Committee Chairperson for our newly formed BRIARWOOD OUTREACH COMMITTEE.

In the past years Briarwood had two committees, the Care Committee and the Block Watch Committee.  It was found that the responsibilities of these two committees overlapped quite a bit.  Therefore this year the Board approved the joining of these two committees into one – now called, BRIARWOOD OUTREACH.

The BRIARWOOD OUTREACH COMMITTEE is here for you.  Each street has two representatives who are here for you.  We want you to feel comfortable in contacting your street representative, or any member of the committee, should you have any questions, concerns or needs.  Additionally we urge you to contact us should you become aware of anything going on in the neighborhood that you feel is suspicious.  Your safety and well-being is our prime concern.

I look forward to hopefully meeting all of you throughout the year.


Leslie S

We appreciate the symmetry of our community while at the same time respect personal owner preference. In short, it is the responsibility of the committees to find harmony between the two. 

Landscape Committee

Chairperson: Barry S

The Landscape committee is responsible for the review, approval, enforcement and implementation of all issues or changes relating to landscape of our community.


Architecture Committee

Chairperson: Sara M

The Architectural committee is responsible for the development, review, approval, enforcement and implementation of all issues or changes relating to the exterior of our community homes. This committee has been hard at work and we have approved options for aesthetically modernizing our community. Visit the Architecture page for the details.



Leslie leads our community communications including our website, newsletter and directory. Need a printed directory? Contact Karen M.